Free calls from Ortel to Ortel

Call your family and friends for FREE with Ortel!

Ortel users can call for FREE to all other Ortel users in the Netherlands in the first half hour every day. It's only available when calling from the Netherlands and other EU member countries (incl. Switzerland, Andorra, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein). You only pay the connection fee of €0,29. After 30 minutes the regular tariffs are active. Be aware, it's not for free when you take your Dutch Ortel simcard abroad. That's when the roaming rates are active. Click here for all tariffs.

How does it work?

  1. Order the free Ortel SIM card
    Within 3 business days the SIM will be delivered at your home.sim-card
  2. Place your Ortel SIM card in your mobile
    After you insert  the SIM card into your mobile phone top-up mobile
  3. Now call for free to other Ortel users in:
    The Netherlands.check

Cheap tariffs

This is your chance to experience Ortel and call eachother for free! If you don't have an Ortel SIM card, order one here.